Emergency information assistance

Contact Center "operator" of services for any patient medical uchrezhdeniy. Dlya important factor in choosing the medical institution is its proximity, and not only to carry out emergency medical care, but also to provide operational information support on medical issues. "When to take medicine, what to do when running my doctor? "- many patients, especially the elderly, may forget simple veschi.V emergencies informational assistance should be the same ambulance as medical. For the possibility of rapid implementation of patient information and client requests Contact Center "operator" provides a solution for the organization, "Information Service" for medical uchrezhdeniy.V is busy all call manager line up. At this time, the intellectual works optimized navigation - IVR, which allows you to properly distribute incoming calls on the competent services. To use software allows you to instantly find the patient record, which opens to the operator at the time the telephone number of the calling client. Contact center within "information service" can be alert patients about promotions, discounts on service and other useful information related to changes in the health center, there is also a possibility of transferring the call to a specialist medical uchrezhdeniya.Takim, the staff of the clinic discharged , by promptly informing patients and emergency care information.